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Ytmp3 - Copyright Claims Policy

1. Intellectual Property Respect:

We uphold the intellectual property rights of others. Users must not infringe on copyrights, trademarks, or proprietary rights. 2. Content Removal and Termination:

We may remove any content believed to violate intellectual property rights. User accounts may be terminated if they submit infringing content. 3. Repeat Infringer Policy:

Users receiving three valid copyright complaints within a contiguous six-month period may have their website access terminated. 4. Compliance with DMCA:

Although not subject to U.S. law, we voluntarily comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Designated agent to receive copyright infringement notifications. 5. Copyright Infringement Notifications:

Send notifications to [email protected] or the designated address. Include identification of the copyrighted work, location of infringing material, contact information, a statement of good faith belief, accuracy statement, and a physical or electronic signature. 6. Counter-Notification Procedure:

Users may provide a counter-notification if their content is removed. Counter-notification must include a signature, identification of removed material, a statement under penalty of perjury, contact information, and consent to jurisdiction. Note: All notifications not relevant or ineffective under the law will receive no response. Ytmp3 encourages a fair and lawful use of the platform, respecting the rights of copyright holders.

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