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Privacy Policy

Gather information to improve user experience and enhance services. Only collect personal data necessary for providing and optimizing services. Uphold a commitment to transparent privacy practices.

Scope of Coverage:
Encompasses information collected during service usage. Excludes practices of external companies not owned or controlled.
Age Considerations:
Strict policy against collecting personal data from users under 13. Encourages underage users to refrain from registration and providing personal details.
Data Collection:
Collects usage data and content engagement information. Utilizes automatically collected data (IP address, cookies) for analysis. Gathers quality and performance data for continuous service improvement.
Utilizing Google Analytics:
Leverages Google Analytics for gathering non-personal information. Offers the option to disable specific features for user control.
Data Retention Practices:
Retains information as dictated by legal requirements. No explicit retention obligations outlined for transparency.
Privacy Assurance:
No collection of phone numbers, text messages, or personal content. Acknowledges that privacy may be impacted by technical malfunctions.
Information Disclosure:
May disclose information to comply with legal obligations or protect rights. Asserts the right for lawful global use of personal information.
Security Measures:
Implements robust security measures to safeguard personal data. Acknowledges no absolute guarantee of security due to inherent factors.
Third-Party Links:
Features links to third-party sites with independent privacy policies. Assumes no responsibility for the content and activities of linked sites.
International User Considerations:
Acknowledges the potential transfer of personal information to the USA. Recognizes variances in data protection laws for international users.
Policy Amendments:
Reserves the right to amend the privacy policy. Users notified of changes through announcements or emails.
Opt-Out and Modification Options:
Allows users to modify email subscriptions and preferences. Provides a direct contact option for the deletion of online account information.
Electronic Notice Consent:
Users agree to receive electronic notices of security breaches. Notices delivered through website postings or emails in case of a breach. Contact for Queries:
Users can send detailed messages for any privacy-related questions or concerns.

Feel free to reach us at [email protected]

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